We build solutions for a clean and sustainable World

Who we are

We are a technology company dedicated to building a better world through integrated software solutions. From our head office at the Galt Collective in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, we equip our clients with the efficiency, effectiveness and control they need to grow their business.

We strive to offer integrated software solutions to streamline your field operations, reduce risk and help you rapidly grow your business.

Our universal Oculi platform effectively collects, validates, and relays critical information for over a 1,000 sustainable projects. With our vast industry experience, unique expertise, and suite of Oculi tools, we can help you manage and exceed your business goals.

Our Clients

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What We Do


Our company is dedicated to providing optimized software solutions that eliminate costly execution risks and resource losses, while growing your business. We equip you and your business with invaluable visibility and insight from the frontline to the office.

Your existing workflows and information are what make you great, so we commit to keeping them in your control.


Our mission is to empower you with integrated solutions that enhance the way you work, elevating productivity and success.

The Oculi Platform

Oculi was built to capture your vital field data easily, quickly, and orderly and allow your field specialists to focus on execution. Oculi is universal and flexible, ensuring you have the freedom to choose how the the platform is used and implemented within your business.

There are no walled gardens with our solutions. We work towards a world free of restrictive technologies that box you in, so we offer open solutions with the freedom to pivot as you grow.

Highlighted Features


We collaborate with local businesses in the Waterloo Region to sponsor and support community events.

We’ve teamed up with the Idea Exchange libraries, PressPlay, and EVO Kitchen Restaurant to host our events.

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